Ruedastandard has now moved the web content to

The main difference the users will notice is that there is a bit more content, otherwise it is quite similar.

There are reasons why we are doing this.
In short, the Ruedastandard is a part in a bigger picture.


  • The SalsaNor Rueda initiative started in 2002 with the establishing of the Ruedastandard and the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Since then the amount of the content has grown, and the Ruedastandard is now containg standard Rueda figures and also content that are not really standard Rueda, such as Casino figures, Rueda structures and other Rueda figures.We are now preparing to split the content to make the idea of the Ruedastandard more clear, and to open up for more categories of dance content.
  • is about to launch a new Rueda de Casino video channel with educational videos of high quality, October 1st 2018. The video channel will contain new videos of the Ruedastandard figures, and also other Rueda figures, Casino figures, and more. The structure on the website will reflect this fact.


You may still use the web address to access the Ruedastandard web content on, as it is redirected to

Please check out the new video channel: (vod=video on demand)
And visit this website for information about the devellopement.