These days we could really use a variation of rueda de casino, without touching the other dancers.

Did you know that already exists?! True story! It was develloped in 2015.


This dance is called abaco (meaning abacus), and it was originally intended to be an addition to rueda de casino, to be danced inside the rueda, following the same calls from the caller. But it may as well be danced separately without a rueda, as long as there is a caller.

Abaco is based on the follower’s footwork, it is based on rueda figures, even though the figures are not identical. It works for men and women, even though they use slightly different styling in certain figures, like in Cuban danced in general.

Now is the time to bring it back!

Maybe the summer park rueda of 2020 is not cancelled after all?

Description, illustrations and free videos. Check it out!