The list of figures created for abaco is now updated!

Including names of Cuban movements used in the dance. You will find dance elements like:

  • son
  • columbia
  • meneo
  • yuka
  • Yemaya
  • Elegua
  • Bamboleo

See free videos and description of the basics of abaco on the abaco page.

(If you look at the featured picture, you will see Nikola Medic raising his hands in victory. Nikola is one of the greatest rueda dancers and instructors around. The picture is taken from the first live demo of abaco ever, in Roskilde 2015, at the first night of the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. Nikola was challenged to try out abaco in the live demo, without any practise in advance. Only one line of explanation: Follow the rueda commands, it’s based on the ladies footwork, and a partner change corresponds to a quarter left turn. In the picture he is celebrating surviving his first sequence of figures: fly – dame una – enchufla.)