The rueda map is a Google map created by, where you can find rueda dancing around the world. The pins on this map have been created based on info from this form. If you represent a dance organization focusing on rueda de casino, please fill out the from, and we’ll put it on the map.

The map has corresponding lists of dance organizations for various areas/continents. The list is found at, from the menu News > RUEDA MAP | MAPA DE RUEDA. You will also find the link to the map there, or you may go directly to the map address:

How the rueda map is updated

If you have submitted information for the rueda map, please check it once every year (and whenever there is a change), and let us now if everything is still correct, or if anything needs to be changed.

The colour of the pins indicates when it was last updated:

Blue pins have been updated in 2023
Red pins have been updated before 2023

Each year we will use a new colour, and pins that haven’t been updated in too long will be deleted.

Annual check

If you have submitted information, please check once a year:

  • the list, find your organization in the list for your area/continent
  • the rueda map, check the info and placement of the pin

In any case, please send us an email and tell us which city and which organization you represent, and:

  • If all the info is correct: let us know that the info in the list and on the map is correct
  • If info needs to be updated: let us know what needs to be corrected, and how (or use this form)

Afterwards we will change the colour for your organization.

Thank you!

for keeping the rueda map updated.