Join us in witnessing a monumental moment in dance history as Havana prepares to set a new world record in Rueda de Casino. This event isn’t just about breaking records; it’s a celebration of Cuban culture, unity, and the spirited community of dancers coming together to make history. Stay tuned as we cover every step of this thrilling journey.

Photo: Jorge Luna Roque, Cuba


  • 2024 – Havana, Cuba.
    2946 dancers/bailadores. 142 wheels.

  • 2022 – Caracas, Venezuela.
    1585 dancers/bailadores.
    (Retomando el Son)

  • 2019 – Candelaria, Tenerife, Spain.
    1250 dancers/bailadores.
    (Cubaneando por Candelaria)
  • 2014 – Thessaloniki, Greece.
    1102 dancers/bailadores
    (Danza Fuerte)
  • 2010 – Milan, Italy.
    708 dancers/bailadores
    (Balla col Sorriso)

The Journey Towards a New World Record

PREVIOUS Record and the NEW Challenger

In November 2022, Caracas, Venezuela, set the Guinness World Record for the largest Rueda de Casino with 1,585 dancers participating. This record has become a significant benchmark within the international dance community. Now, finally the record is back in Havana de Cuba. With meticulous planning and widespread community involvement, Havana aimed to not just surpass the existing record but also to showcase the profound cultural significance of Rueda de Casino in Cuba. The date for the event was 6th of May 2024 and was as promised: a landmark moment in dance history.

Key Figures Behind the Scenes

Leading the charge in Havana are among others Jorge Roque Luna, director of Compañia All Stars from Santiago de Cuba, and Herson Fernández Machado, also known as Kubasoy, director of Retomando el Son. Both have a history of collaboration with international dance initiatives like SalsaNor and, and both of them have attended the SalsaNor Rueda Congress. These leaders have been critical in organizing and motivating local dance communities for the event. Their dedication and leadership are essential for surpassing the existing record.

A Tapestry of Preparation Across Cuba

Nationwide Efforts

Preparation for Havana’s world record attempt has been happening all over Cuba, in places like Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, and Havana. These cities were full of activities, including workshops and practice sessions, to make sure everyone was ready and to make sure the dance routines were polished. This countrywide effort is more than just trying to break a record; it’s about expressing Cuban cultural pride. Dancers of various backgrounds are uniting with the common aim to highlight Cuban dance globally.

Community Engagement

Communities throughout Cuba have been deeply involved in the preparations. There’s was a lot of excitement, with community leaders, dance schools, and locals supporting the dancers. Events and practices have become community-building activities, strengthening relationships and creating a unified purpose. This active participation not only builds excitement but also emphasizes the role of Rueda de Casino in bringing people together and enriching Cuban society.

Celebrating Dedication and Cultural Expression

Commending Hard Work

The dedication shown by everyone involved in this Rueda de Casino world record attempt is impressive. The countless hours of practice and planning have demonstrated a strong commitment. As promoters of Rueda de Casino in Europe and worldwide, SalsaNor and Rueda.Casino are thrilled to extend congratulations and celebrate this significant effort with the Cuban dance community. This project aims not only to set a new record but also to honor and continue Cuba’s rich dance heritage.

The Cultural Impact of Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino is much more than a dance; it is a vital expression of Cuban culture, embodying the spirit of its people. It promotes community and unity, bringing individuals together to celebrate their heritage. This record attempt in Havana shows how Rueda de Casino can extend beyond dancing to influence social interactions and strengthen community ties. This event underscores the dance’s role in enhancing cultural identity and cohesion, making an impact worldwide.

Follow the Record-Breaking Journey

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