Rueda de la calle = street rueda (calle = street)

This term rueda de la calle is an informal term, although you may see it used in rueda festival pgrogrammes nowadays. Street rueda refers to rueda with the characteristics of simplicity, improvisation and link to daily life. Preferably also with high energy, and sometimes with added shouting or even singing. Street rueda figures are not complex, and they do not contain complicated turning. Most street rueda figures are easy enough to be picked up by the dancers on the fly in a social rueda.

Note that there is no definition of street rueda figures, so this is in practice based on personal judgement.

As you can see from the list of figures, we have a lot of the «Rueda de la Calle» figures on Ruedastandard.

Rueda de la calle – demostración

Example of a recent street rueda figure is «enchufla con guachinero«, popular after the song guachineo by the Cuban artist Chocolate. Another example is «enchufla con Neymar«. You may be able to guess how that figure goes (hint: try a football player’s common reaction to a kick in the leg).