In Rueda de Casino, the command “foto” is a playful and visually oriented term used by the caller to direct dancers into a specific pose or formation that resembles a group photograph. This command temporarily pauses the normal flow of dance moves for a brief, staged moment, allowing dancers to strike a pose as if they were having their picture taken.


  • Instruction for Posing: When the caller shouts “foto,” dancers are expected to quickly arrange themselves into a photogenic pose. This might involve facing the center of the circle with a smile, holding a dramatic pose, or creating a visually appealing tableau with their dance partners.

Function within Rueda:

  • Visual Appeal and Fun: “Foto” adds a theatrical element to Rueda de Casino, enhancing the entertainment value and engagement for both dancers and spectators. It introduces a moment of levity and creativity, encouraging dancers to express their personalities and camaraderie.
  • Breaking the Routine: This command serves as a delightful break from the continuous flow of dance moves, giving dancers a brief respite and a chance to interact more playfully with one another. It also provides an opportunity for the dancers to reconnect with the audience, enhancing the performance aspect of the dance.

Example Scenario:

  • Caller’s Command for Foto: During an energetic sequence of dance moves, the caller might suddenly announce “foto.” Dancers would then quickly come together, possibly gathering in a close formation or striking humorous or stylish poses. After a moment, the caller would signal the end of the “foto” break, and the dancers would resume the regular dance sequence.

Using “foto” effectively injects a moment of creativity and connection into Rueda de Casino, making the dance not just a physical activity but also a performance art that emphasizes visual storytelling and group dynamics.

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