In Rueda de Casino, “¡mentira!” is a particularly fun and dynamic command that adds an element of surprise to the dance. Translating to “lie!” in English, this command is used to indicate a sudden change or reversal in the expected sequence of moves. Here’s how “¡mentira!” typically functions in the dance:


  • Instruction for Reversal or Trickery: When the caller shouts “¡mentira!”, it signifies that the previously called move is not to be completed as usual. Instead, dancers are expected to perform an alternative action, often the opposite of what was initially indicated or a completely different figure.

Function within Rueda:

  • Adding Surprise and Challenge: The use of “¡mentira!” introduces a playful challenge, as dancers must be alert and ready to switch their actions at a moment’s notice. It tests the dancers’ ability to adapt quickly and follow the caller’s cues without missing a beat.
  • Enhancing Engagement and Fun: This command keeps the dance lively and unpredictable, increasing engagement among the dancers. It injects a sense of humor and spontaneity into the session, making it more enjoyable for participants and spectators alike.

Example Scenario:

  • Caller’s Command: If the caller initially instructs a common move like “dame dos,” but then suddenly calls out “¡mentira!”, the dancers would stop the “dame dos” mid-sequence and instead execute a different move, such as returning to the original partner or performing a fake turn.

Using “¡mentira!” effectively requires quick thinking and flexibility from the dancers, making Rueda de Casino not just a dance but a vibrant, interactive game where everyone must stay fully tuned into the group’s rhythm and the caller’s instructions. This command is a favorite among dancers for the excitement and laughter it brings to the dance floor.

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