In Rueda de Casino, the command “quédate” is another important directive used by the caller. It translates directly to “stay” in English. This command is used to instruct dancers to maintain their current position or partnership instead of changing partners or moving around the circle. Here’s how “quédate” typically functions in the dance:


  • Instruction to Maintain Position: When the caller says “quédate,” it signals to the dancers not to engage in the usual partner switch or to alter their current place in the formation. This can serve various strategic and stylistic purposes within the dance.

Function within Rueda:

  • Pausing Partner Changes: Often in Rueda de Casino, dancers continually rotate partners. The “quédate” command temporarily halts these changes, allowing dancers to either repeat a figure with the same partner or prepare for a new sequence that might require a stable starting formation.
  • Setting Up for Specific Figures: Certain complex figures or sequences may require dancers to stay with the same partner or in the same position to execute them properly. “Quédate” ensures that dancers are correctly positioned before these moves begin.

Example Scenario:

  • Caller’s Command: If the dance sequence is moving towards a particularly intricate figure that requires continuity with the same partner, such as a complicated turn or styling feature, the caller might use “quédate” to ensure that everyone is ready and properly positioned before proceeding.

“Quédate” adds an element of control and variation to the dynamic environment of Rueda de Casino. By directing dancers to stay put temporarily, it helps manage the pace of the dance and ensures that everyone is aligned with the upcoming moves, maintaining the cohesion and visual appeal of the dance circle.

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