In Rueda de Casino, the command “repite” plays a critical role in maintaining the dynamic flow and excitement of the dance. “Repite” translates to “repeat” in English and is used by the caller to instruct dancers to repeat a specific figure or movement sequence. Here’s how “repite” is typically used:


  • Instruction for Repetition: When the caller shouts “repite,” it signals to the dancers to perform the last executed figure or movement again. This command can be applied to any part of the dance, from a simple turn to a more complex sequence involving multiple partners.

Function within Rueda:

  • Enhancing Mastery and Synchronization: Using “repite” allows dancers to practice and perfect certain moves within the flow of the dance. It helps newer participants get more comfortable with complex figures and ensures that everyone in the circle can keep up.
  • Building Energy and Excitement: Repeating movements can heighten the energy and excitement in the dance, especially if the move is particularly enjoyable or visually striking.

Example Scenario:

  • Caller’s Command: If the group just completed a particularly engaging move like “enchufla doble,” the caller might command “repite,” prompting the dancers to perform “enchufla doble” once more before moving on to the next figure.

Using “repite” effectively keeps the dance lively and interactive, allowing dancers to engage more deeply with the music and each other while ensuring that everyone is clear about the movements. It’s a useful tool for callers to manage the pace and complexity of the dance, making sure the experience is enjoyable for all skill levels.

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